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Confluence is a small wooden tea tray that serves up to 6 persons. It is carved out of Birch plywood, creating a beautiful landscape like form. It has been processed on both sides such that a thin layer of undulating form remains. The layers of the ply accentuates the undulating form through their alternating dark and light seams. A large central reservoir is created by the landscape. Excess tea will naturally flow towards the reservoir and form a miniature lake. As the tea gathers, the level gradually rises just like a lake does when it rains.


Material: Birch Plywood

Coating: Polyurethane

Size: 360mm x 600mm

Limited Quantity: 100 Unique Trays

(Source: veryheavypetal, via designvanilla)

XVI.VIII.MMXIV #aberdeen #library #schmidthammerlassen (at University of Aberdeen)

XIII.VIII.MMXIV #djcad #universityofdundee #dundee (at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design)