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Dundee is currently undergoing a series of changes to ameliorate the city. The aesthetic face of the City of Discovery’s will be completely redeveloped within the next 10 years. The aim of this rebranding was to reimagine Dundee Farmers’ Market’s marketing scheme through incorporating Dundee’s unique features and to appeal to the personal attributes of Dundonians through its message and cause.
The final logo consists of three white soft fruit silhouettes, highlighted against the fruits natural colour, contained within an off axis square. We believed this to be a simple elegant design and highlighted what produce was unique to Dundee. We included the text “Dundee Farmer’s Market” in the logo to alert customers its purpose although once brand recognition had developed, this could be removed.
The website used a simple banner style with a soft pastel colour scheme. We felt the websites navigation and style was simple enough so that it appealed to most generations. The heading links were clearly labeled and lead to one page, as to ensure the website only had two levels, users of any age and technological ability could navigate the site with ease.
Flyers and posters containing the logo and some basic information would be placed around Dundee centre and bus stops a week prior to the market to alert those who may not have internet access, the same group who are more likely to use busses such as the elderly. The simplicity and lack of backdrop colour meant the logo was the focal point of the posters, only the necessary information was present to quickly alert passersby of its purpose.
All work  was designed in partnership with Will Duncan & Luke Augustine

now that’s what you call a pizza pocket

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